About Pierce Everett

A Lifetime of Sailing & Art

Pierce Everett has produced art all his life via a wide spectrum of mediums.  In 1983, at the Atlanta College of Art, he fueled his talent and furthered his earlier studies, by auditing programs and classes that would specifically lead him toward his passion, working with oil paints on canvas.

Seaworthy History


Pierce then studied with internationally well- known artist and professor, Joseph Perrin. He fondly remembers Joe, “Any time I would run into Joe at a gallery opening or a show, he always said with sincere interest, “…Everett, where’re you hangin’?’


An old artist friend Henry Barnes, once succinctly labeled Pierce’s work as “Thematic Surrealism” Pierce wouldn’t argue with that. His work was definitely thematic as well as surreal in a conservative way.  Pierce is motivated by his desire to communicate his experiences, thoughts and perceptions via a proper bristle brush working on a canvas with a good tooth.

Watch For the Book Coming Soon

Pierces passion, sailing a lovely seaworthy vessel on exotic waters, shares the top shelf with his penchant for writing and painting.  He has just completed an extraordinary tome of some of his most incredible adventures, check out the sample below.


One sailor's adventure smuggling

A Memoir by Pierce Everett

Sailing for the past 50 years has given Pierce a vehicle to access people, places, and adventures unattainable via any other way.  On one of his travels the sirens of Mallorca, Spain cast their magic, and lured him to the island of Mallorca, an island in the Ballearic Islands about 100 miles east of Barcelona Spain.  He settled into the north part of Mallorca in the small port town of Puerto Pollensa.  It was there he had the fortune of studying and painting with Antonio Cabanellas and Sebastian Ensenat. He fell in love with the magic of this island, and ten more years slipped away. Too, extraordinary times were treasured on the islands of Ibiza, and Menorca, also in the Balearics. Some of his favorite paintings are from this era, and these islands.  Several are still offered as Giclee’ prints.

Then Morocco captivated his curiosity.  He traveled extensively in the Riff Mountains just south of Tangier, all the while acquiring memories and experiences to fuel his passion for writing and painting.  

When Pierce returned to the US after years of travel and study, he settled for a while in his home town of Atlanta, Georgia. There, Pierce served as art director for the international environmental education program, “Visions United”. 

Later via a mutual friend, Pierce had the fortune of association with an artist he would later refer to as a mentor.  “If only I could capture subjects and express thoughts with paints like Nancy Witt. Then I’d be an artist.  Please do yourself a favor and take a minute for a look at her work.  It’s there you’ll see my inspiration, and my goal.” 

Pierce is now intrigued with new magic he’s found in Tennessee. He works from his studio in Chattanooga exploring possibilities with his favorite medium.  At the end of his street, just a short walk away at the bottom of the hill, the scenic and powerful Tennessee River flows endlessly by.  Everywhere in this world is accessible from this vantagepoint.  Pierce’s wanderlust is satiated for the moment with the knowledge that from this place we can all set sail to any destination in the world.

All you’ll need is a sturdy, Bluewater sailboat of proper heritage. 

One day he may just disappear into his dreams that pleasantly haunt him from the places he loves most. Some will know where to find him.