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    Pierce Everette has produced art all of his life through a wide spectrum of mediums

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    Oils and glazes on various textures of stretched canvas and linen

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Every Last Detail UNIQUE Just Like Your Home

Pierce has been referenced in sailing publications as an artist and a yachtsman and he truly is a compendium of both. Sailing has provided a lifetime of experiences that he translates to canvas.


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I paint with oils and glazes on various textures of stretched canvas and linen. My style  and subject is quite varied but the denominator seems to be my penchant for hard contrasts  with both color and light.

While many of the original works here have been sold, I do offer some of my paintings via extremely high quality limited edition Giclee prints.  I always welcome inquiries regarding available prints.

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  • All you’ll need is a sturdy, Bluewater sailboat of proper heritage.

    -Pierce Everett